Monday, October 13, 2008


The holidays are so exciting now with kids to thrill and decorate for. I was so eager to get my box of Halloween decorations out and get it all up. Boy was I disappointed with my box only produced a few fun things. The small ceramic jack-o-lanterns on the mantle and one big one in the front yard have been quite impressive for 2 year olds. I've added a "spooky house" as we call it, a Lemax on the counter with a witch flying over it. The flashing lights are a big hit. I've also added a store bought fall wreath that I added ribbon to, a store bought glittered 'trick or treat' sign, and stick on bats on my living room mirrors. My project of glittering bones has stalled many times, but I finally have some up on the mantle in a square vase. They might move when I get the rest finished. My son's first birthday is a few days before Halloween so we're going with the theme, possibly every year until he gets tired of it. I'll be able to grow my collection a little each year and know that it will actually be seen.

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