Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Road Trip

The fam went out of town this weekend to visit some friends and have a little collage reunion. A 2 & 1/2 year old and 1 year old are totally manageable in the car for three hours when there is a parent with two free arms able to turn around to offer toys, books, dropped sippy cups, and snacks repeatedly. It is a little bit of a different story when the only adult in the car is driving. Such is the situation I found myself in on Sunday when we left my husband behind for a work conference and I drove the three hours home on my own with the boys. The first hour and a half was great! They were asleep. The next 20 minutes were not bad, but then the kids were over it. My1 year old was hitting his cranky time, anytime after 4:30, and my toddler was insistent that he needed his shoes on even though he had to have them off when we got in the car. I tried some different music on the radio for a little while and finally had to give in and sing songs for the rest of the ride. Old MacDonald and the Wheels on the Bus were big hits. All in all it was not bad. My toddler is usually great in the car and I could have wished for a little more on his end. The baby has never been one to be soothed by the car, but he gets better all the time. I definitely know I can handle it and I didn't even have to pull over and set up the DVD player. I'm sure it will be necessary in the future.

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